Phrabhavanakhemakhun( former: Phra Khru Kasem Thammathat/ Surasak Khemarangsi) is a teacher who has a unique knowledge of dhamma theory, and an expertise in meditation. Those qualities are used in combination in his teachings, which can explain to us the theory behind the practice. His teachings are like a “dhamma map” to point us in the right direction. The Paramattha bhavana, mindfulness practice on the “ultimate truth”( the truth about one’s own body and mind) is the main objective at his retreats. With a clearer understanding about what we are doing and how to do it, our meditation practice will progress and be greatly improved.

Browse and select from the following dhamma talks below:

The Practice


  1. The Path of Vipassana (Insight)
  2. From Pannatti to Paramattha (Conventional to Ultimate Truth)
  3. Three Methods of Meditation Practice
  4. Guided Meditation 1
  5. Guided Meditation 2
  6. Guided Meditation 3
  7. Steps of Vipassana Practice


The Theory

  1. Vipassana Bhumi 1 – Aggregates (Khanda)
  2. Vipassana Bhumi 2 – Contact Bases (Ayatana)
  3. Vipassana Bhumi 3 – Elements (Dhatu)
  4. Vipassana Bhumi 4 – Faculties (Indriya)
  5. Vipassana Bhumi 5 – The Four Noble Truths (Ariya Sacca)
  6. Vipassana Bhumi 6 – Dependent Origination (Paticca Samuppada)

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Parathatta bhavana