Guided Meditation 2

Guided Meditation #2

Be aware of the whole body – noting and Photo Jan 08, 9 06 24 AMcontemplating the body in the body, feeling in the feeling, mind in the mind and the dhamma in the dhamma.

What is the body in the body? One is the breath. Be mindful of the in-breath, be mindful of the out- breath. Try to relax when following the breath coming in and going out. Adjust the breath so that it is comfortable. Sometimes the breath is long and deep. Mindfully release the breath. Notice the feeling and learn how to breathe comfortably. The breath can be long or short – it is out of our control. Be relaxed, and watch it.

Note the feeling( vedana) – it may be pleasant, unpleasant, happy or unsatisfactory. The mind is the knower. It can sense all the feelings in the body and in the mind. Notice the mind – all the wholesome and unwholesome dhammas are in the mind.

Notice that the breath comes in on its’ own. When breathing in and out, we can feel the movement, vibration, shakiness, tension, and relaxation around the chest and the abdomen. There may also be a pleasant or unpleasant feeling along with the breath. Know them and let the feeling pass by and try to be neutral. Note the feeling of the coldness or the pleasantness on the body. The coldness/ pleasant feeings on the body and the mind that knows them are two separate things. The coldness is on the body, the knower of the coldness/pleasant feeling is the mind. The mind also has feelings. It can be peaceful, not peaceful, can be clear, depressive, or happy. It can also think. We can observe the process of applied thought, sustained thought, investigating and creating. These are all functions of the mind.

Be mindful of the mind and let go of everything – do not hold onto or become attached to anything. Notice all the body and mind conditions that arise, such as the hearing, the thought, the cold feeling, the pleasant feeling, the unpleasant feeling, etc . Notice them along with letting go.

It is important to practice letting go. Once we can let go of the thought, feeling, and knowing, the mind will become light, bright, clear, and expansive. Try to not make comments and not want anything. When realizing that the mind is overly focused, try to relax. Note the mind softly, pretending as if you are not watching to know it. Keep the mind still and not have it running after any condition. Let the mind be natural. When you stop the mind from thinking, the mind will then know itself.

Notice any feeling that may appear anywhere on the body, or in the mind. Mindfulness means knowing any condition at any time. Note the change, the appearing and vanishing, the uncontrollable nature of these conditions. When mindfulness of the mind becomes strong, it will know the condition in the present moment. The mind will not wander into the past or into the future.

When the mind starts to drift off, know it. When being mindful, know it, and when thought arises, know it. Know the pleasant feeling. When you drop all conventional conditions, the shape, name and meaning will disappear. There is no arm, leg, or trunk anymore. The only thing left is the sensation that has no shape or meaning. Watch the sensation on the body, which will expand to knowing the mind…..

( Continue the practice until the end of the period.)

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