Phrabhavanakhemakhun( pronounce: Phra bhavana khema khun). His monk’s title was recently changed from Phra Khru Kasem Thammathat

Maheyong Monastery and Meditation Center
Ayutthaya, Thailand

About the teacher:LKP_India2012_r2951

Phrabhavanakhemakhun was his latest monk’s title given by the king on December 5th, 2014. He was born
Surasak Pengathit in the old capitol, Ayutthaya, 63 years ago. At the time of his ordination 40 years ago, he received the monk’s name of Khemarangsi which means “The light of the dhamma which leads to peace and enlightenment”.

He was ordained at Praosophanaram temple in Ayutthaya and was trained in a vipassana meditation teacher training course at Wat Pleng Vipassana in Bangkok. He took a lesson in Buddhist Study with a major in Abhidhamma and received the third level of monk degree with the highest score.

He was appointed to be an Abhidhamma teacher after his third year in robes. He continued to study from many meditation masters and practiced by himself until he was ready to establish the meditation center at Maheyong Monastery, where he is now the abbot. He later received an honorary master degree in Buddhist Study, Abhidhamma major from the Maha Chulalongkorn Monk University.


Phrabhavanakhemakhun( former Phra Khru Kasem Thammathat)is primarily interested in encouraging the meditation training program for all ages. He received several recognition awards in this area as well as for his other interest in environmental conservation. There is a monthly vipassana meditation course taught at Maheyong Meditation center. He also led the retreat at the Young Buddhist Association of Thailand (YBAT), and other meditation centers around the country. He has established 15 meditation centers in different parts of Thailand. They are all branches of Maheyong monastery. His dhamma talk is being broadcasted daily on the public radio station in Thailand.

Website: www.watmaheyong.org

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